Always Inifinity: I don’t want a magnet there

Besides a blouse that makes this model blend into the background, something seems off here.

 Photoshop Disaster

What do you think readers? Look past the dissolving shins and light-resistant colour scheme to dig deep and help us discover if this really is a disaster.

Thanks Bob for taking the time out to scan this!  The original can be found in the latest Oprah magazine.

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  • PSD Watcher

    Website needs a name change, or actual Photoshop disasters.

    • Ashley E. Carter

      lol i hope you’re kidding… and if you’re not, please be sure to never touch photoshop!

    • fru


    • Ben

      From what I’ve seen, any photo that’s been obviously processed with a graphics editor and is a disaster is eligible for inclusion, not just disasters caused by editing. Composition / lighting / posing / clothing / scenery / cropping can also be the cause of the disaster (there have even been a few occasions where a graphics editor could have been used to fix at least one of the other failures but wasn’t).

  • richardginn

    Is that a bad scan or a lighting disaster by her hair???

    And why choose that background for her top????

    What a Fail….

  • Chris Bachmann

    Her left shoulder seems off. Up and out.

  • Master Po

    The answer, Grasshopper, lies with mysterious subliminal messages.

  • Joe Spivey

    Magnets are awful at attracting water.

  • Ashley E. Carter

    um, thats not her mouth.

  • Ben

    I think this is more a failure of composition – plus whoever arranged her hair needs a career change… although I suspect her grin may have been adjusted to inhuman proportions…

  • yandoodan

    I dunno. This looks like Frankenstein’s Model, assembled from separate parts, possibly scavanged from iStockPhoto. Lots of overly sharp lines. And I’m pretty sure that head, in life, never resided upon that body.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, advertisers actually paid experts to prevent disasters like this. Now anyone can be a artest.

    • bobo

      oh cool! How did they use istock photos to assemble this very same model in their commercial? that sounds pretty advanced for non-experts

  • Stuphologist

    The color showing in her blouse looks like a color mapping attempt, like a green screen gone bad.

  • Jugstopper

    Fvcking Magnets: Is this how they work?

  • VikingKitty

    I just think it’s great someone finally made a maxi pad futon mattress.

  • Buzzkill

    Those hands…are not actually on those hips…

  • MaryMitch

    I think if you can’t tell it’s a disaster, it’s not a disaster…

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    blood does have iron. so put all your magnet in there.