Estudei No Batista: Where’s your god now?

Here, let me give you a hand.

Photoshop Disaster

In this disasters defense, the photographer may simply have long and excorcist-level flexibility of the fingers.

Thanks Bruno. You can see the original on the Colégio Batista Mineiro Facebook page.

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  • Robert

    Am I missing something? Certainly it’s an odd cutout but I am sure nobody wanted this to look like one hand holding a camera. That’s definitely two hands here, no distortion involved.

    • Charlene Vickers

      Then where’s the right arm?

      • Bobo

        It’s removed probably to avoid the visual clutter. As Robert said, it’s odd but it’s definitely two hands.

  • teleromeo

    That camera is a Fuji Finepix that dates from around 2004, I guess they used an even older version of photoshop to edit the image so the result is somewhat the best they could achieve.

  • dai

    Obviously they assumed people were to stupid to know where the shutter release was so they got the lowest common denominator in the office to fix it

  • Jelapater

    As PSDs go, this one’s pretty armless if you ask me.

  • Chairman

    Design fail, not photoshop.

  • Mazz

    Brazilians have problems about leaving both arms in it.

  • Kickpuncher: Detroit

    Clearly supposed to be two hands. Not one long fingered monstrosity.