Free People: Out of Balance Brassiere

Hey, her eyes are up – woah, what’s going on here?

Photoshop Disasters

Apparently every set of breasts is a bit uneven on one side. Still, something tells me this brassiere model got the short end of the photoshop wand. I wonder if she tilts to the right when she goes down the cat walk.

Thanks Dmitry. You can see the original on the Karma Loop website.

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  • NeoAdamite

    Not a PSD – look at the picture taken from her left side.


      Yup, I noticed this too. You are right. Looks like a bad implant job.

  • John Hill

    It must be a PSD…if you look through the other items with the same model, she looks normal.

    • bevobid

      Yes, same model, different bra, breasts are even and balanced. This is a PSD, definitely.

    • David Raco

      Not a PSD.
      From other photos we can tell that the her right breast (the bigger), looks bigger because of the shading.
      Also because the model is partially leaning..
      Her breasts are perfectly normal.

  • vel

    there are some serious problems with the designer. there are several pics from that girl and they all look different. check this


      That shot proves she had a bad implant job. in that picture, one looks deflated. Explains all the other shots. If it is partially deflated, then with different bras, it will have different shapes.

  • blindesign

    You really have no better objects to make laughs off… Probably you got no idea about photographic lightning, and you take any error as PSD.. She has two beautifull artificial tits – just not well photographed… i don’t find a DISASTER in it…

  • Cropper

    I’m not sure about this one.

  • Scott

    The GA got it perfect with the same model in this different view:

  • Kendiara

    Also as a woman with radically different size breasts (DD and C cup) its possible they were trying to “fix” that and that’s why they look odd in some of the shots.

  • bftoc

    Wow, a lone model shot in which they didn’t elongate the neck. (Wait, maybe just a Vogue thing.)

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Rule One of Modeling: No Leaning.

  • Andreas Norén

    Not a psd. Just an implant that dosn’t want to stay in place I think…

  • Smallbadger

    I do this kind of retouch day in day out and can assure you this is a regular problem. The lighting is making the effect and if you capitualte to clients asking for the breast to reflect it looks worse with HUGE fake boobs. Also, as this is a bikini top with no push up, the level of shading on the left is the biggest problem – but as they likely cost the model £5k it’s possibly nicer to leave it in or she’ll have wasted it all :)

  • twingomatic

    I think it’s a combination of bad Photoshop and also an unfortunate pair of implants. I’ve been shopping with Karmaloop for years and this model is a regular. Her boobs look lopsided in every shot. It doesn’t help that the stylist puts the poor woman in obviously ill-fitting tops too. This is actually a better-looking picture than most.

  • John C. Lowe

    Methinks I’m going to have to delete PSD from my bookmarks menu. There are way too many posts that are inconclusive or downright wrong (meaning not a PSD).

    If you go to Karma Loop and look at all the other photos of the same model in different bras, her breasts are fine.

    And the person who wrote they are artificial – you’re an asshole!

  • richardginn

    She is on the website for more than just one bra, I say PSD since the the other bras show boobs that look the same size to me.