Howard Stern: Happy 20th to Me

Mitch Hedburg once said that every picture of you is a picture of when you were younger, but somehow Howard Stern managed to shave a couple decades off with this one.

Photoshop Disasters

His too-enthusiastic accomplice also seems to lack any laugh lines or wrinkle that usually accommodate human faces. Instead, we’re treated to two flesh-coloured pieces of plastic. I don’t know who Robin is, if I got a birthday greeting accompanied by those unfeeling expressions, I would be thoroughly put-off.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Beth Stern originally tweeted this on her twitter.

Update: Turns out Howard Stern tweeted another version of the pic and seems to have gotten a bit of a neck job done – Thanks Ashley!

Photoshop Disaster

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  • Cheese

    That woman’s teeth and eyes frighten me. Like she’s possessed or something.

  • john

    Very nice. I am going to share this in the Tixati chat rooms I am in right now. They are gonna love it. She needs to close her mouth a bit.

  • Chris

    Robin is Robin Quivers one of his co hosts on the radio program.

    • µildred

      who hasn’t shown up for work in months

  • Cropper

    Adam’s Apple removal?

  • stella

    Well, at least it looks like they are actually holding the sign.

  • Mutt @ SFN

    Howard Stern rockin’ his weekend wig. What a douche.

  • pontius pilot

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    F#$% YOU howard and the gold-digging/fame whorse you rode in on.

  • Pelican Horse

    Howard is a photographer the way Beth is a model, both are sad pretenders.

  • Mildred

    this man is actually auctioning a photo session with him for $20,000!!!!! where HE is the photographer! such chutzpah!

  • Gabe Oylove

    She could possibly be the scariest woman I’ve ever seen.

  • Notorious WIG

    His neck has evolved. What do you do for a living?

  • Appoe Stern

    Howard and his horse just crae attention. His fake hair and teeth match her done and redone eyes and breasts.

  • JDaniels819

    Great to see that Howard is getting recognized for the “quality” of his photography and PS skills. The funny (or sad) thing is that a Hamptons nonprofit organization is auctioning off an hour photo shoot with Howard, with a minimum bid of $20,000,

  • WhoaNellie

    What a couple…of self absorbed twats

  • WhoaNellie

    What a couple…of self absorbed twats

  • 6iahca’s rotten corspe

    happened until the pelican hitched his wagon to the horse.

  • Jackie

    Howard just wants to be a pretty girl.. whats so wrong with that? Besides the fact he married a horse?

  • Jackie

    Is Robin dead yet?

  • Whee! LookAtMeee!

    Narcissists. They keep this vapid drivel coming day after day. Someone, make them stop! I beg of you!

  • Ashley

    I love you Howard! I hope your wife makes a full recovery from the STROKE that did that to her face

  • Ras MG

    Howard for $20,000 will you rip my eyes to spare me from having looking at his wifes face..

  • Mr Piggy

    Howard can I have Robins car when she dies?

  • Thank the Seal

    Howard should go back to playing chess. At least when he tells us he’s good at it the whole world can’t see that he’s lying.

  • HelloHello

    What is wrong with you people? This is a 60th birthday message to his greatest and longest friend who is lucky to still be alive, not some magazine ad someone paid for or Victoria’s Secret catalogue shot. Howard, on a daily basis, claims how unattractive he is and I’ve seen Beth in real life and she is literally one of the most stunning people in the world. Attack his opinions, his radio show, or when a heavy photoshopped ad for America’s Got Talent shows up, but jesus christ, leave a touching message to a dear friend alone.

    • pontius pilot

      homo says what?

    • artie