Kronen Zeitung: Mother of all Photoshops

My biggest concern about having a family is stumbling into a warzone during one of our Sunday morning walks.

Photoshop disaster

Looks like a classic case of wrong time, wrong place. I’m no journalist, but Austria’s biggest newspaper probably didn’t need to exaggerate the Syrian uprisings. The Krone features a nude or semi-nude Girl of the Day – the Photoshop budget would probably be better spent there.

Thanks John!

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  • Cropper

    Wag the Dog Lives On!

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  • Waldobaby

    OK, what’s the PS disaster here? Are there eight different light sources? Are the proportions wonky? Is her bag out of frame? We are shown a grainy crap-quality cell phone snapshot of an out-of-square newspaper and we’re supposed to say how photoshoppingly good or bad it is? What’s the disaster? Is it that someone got caught pulling shenanigans? How is that a problem with someone’s PS technique?

    Did you guys hire someone from FailBlog to intern here for a while? Yes, that IS an insult. You’ve earned it.

    • bobo

      & this was on gizmodo over a week ago… thanks for recycling stuff for us, guys

    • Sandee Ⓥ Pawan

      Are you blind ?? The background got replaced to make it look more dramatic in the newspaper.

  • Mark McGehee

    I can’t read German, but I think that headline says something to the effect of “Giant and wizard rampage, smash buildings”. Aside from the lack of journalistic integrity(par for the course these days), the scale of the subjects is way off, at least in my opinion.

    • top

      Assad’s army is rolling with tanks to the “mother of all battles”

  • Sebastian Lasse

    my letter to them was :I strongly protest against your manipulation of journalistic pictures, especially from war zones.
    I know it is cheaper for your toiletpaper to buy two pictures and quickly cut and paste them than sending a journalist.
    By doing so, you
    – discredit our profession
    – you cheat and betray your readers
    – you offend the syrian people
    This has nothing in common with journalism, your toiletpaper is propaganda, devoid of criticism or substance.
    Shame on you, little liars !
    Background (german):
    (english), gizmodo original