Mio Mio Mio: Oh my

The must-have accessories for this school year are solid-gold backpacks, the Wicked Witch’s shoes, and a severed arm.

Photoshop Disaster

I understand getting handsy with yourself in the bedroom, but if you’re going to photoshop a duplicate of the model’s arm, you should probably avoid drawing attention to it by having the whole forearm in a bold outline.

Thanks Guadalupe. You can see the original in the August edition of DMAG magazine.

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  • TardigradeSoteria
    • OurJames


  • Cropper

    @ _ @ I see it. Stretch Anna Armstrong with an extra hand bonus.

  • Bobo

    This blog needs a new name. How about “design choices that look weird to me so I’ll just call them a psd”?

  • PSDwatcher

    Suggestion for new name of this site: PsOopsies or PsPretentious. This site used to be a fav of mine, but not anymore.

  • Ben

    As I’ve said multiple times, this site highlights any photographic oddities (including fails from in front of the camera) that have been processed in image editing software.

    However, this does count as a strange image editor compositing idea, in that the model’s hand in the bed shot has been layered on top of the copy of her arm holding the rather angry looking plush.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    The arm holding the ugly whatever it is extends beyond the white box, and she is holding on to her own arm. Also, the heel of one of her shoes has been chopped off. Looks pretty disastrous to me.
    And stupid.

    • Bev

      Agreed on both counts, Janet.

      • http://clientsfromhell.net/ Bryce Bladon – CFH Editor

        So we’re all in agreement then – dismembered limbs and cropped shoes are not normal.

  • stella

    Does the bed come with an extra arm attached or does the plush “toy” come with an extra arm attached? Or does the model just carry an extra arm with her wherever she goes?