Retouch Services: Long Arm Low-down

Regularly proportioned limbs are so mainstream.

Photoshop Disaster

A skinny tie is a great way to make a man’s chest seem bigger, but it does nothing for Stretch-Armstrong here. I’ve heard of lonelier guys having oversized forearms, but this model pushes it to new and terrifying lengths.

Thanks David. You can see the original on the Retouch services website.

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  • casale

    Although odd, I’m not sure it’s a mistake. Each of the photos on the home page has a rollover state to see before/after….

    • Ben

      Looking at the other photos in their portfolio, it’s the most extreme by far. Most of the others are the standard touch-up, a few (shock!) leave the model alone and just change the backdrop, while the nearest in terms of being bonkers is the facial shot where they added a snail (!)

      It’s interesting to see as well as lengthening his arm and changing the window reflection, they also fattened up his right leg…

  • beemoh

    Not a disaster- it’s just Dhalsim’s Armerican hipster cousin.

  • Cropper

    They stretched those arms on purpose and thought it was cool. WOW!

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    Yoga Flame!

  • lexiii

    If you click on the showcase tab, there is a chick in a black dress that must be this guy’s long-armed sister.

    • lexiii

      …and she is also holding a helmet, lol.

  • Ivan Camilo Vásquez

    He went too fast on that Vespa.

  • Dan F

    Deliberate. As lexiii points out, there’s a girl on the showcase also holding a helmet with similarly freakishly long arms. Client is vespa. Must have been some kind of thing that vespa were doing. I’ve not seen the ads, but I don’t think it’s a PSD, just very weird.

  • John C. Lowe

    Definitely Photoshop. But definitely done on purpose. Probably because Vespas are so small, you need longer arms to reach the handlebars!

  • Louis Melledy

    But my hands go down to my knees… Oh wait, I’m sitting. nm

  • richardginn

    Before and After Shots…..I say that is a good idea for the website…

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    Hey I found a PHP disaster on!

    • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

      It works?… how?

  • Joclonix

    That helmet must be very heavy

  • Jugstopper

    This guy and the woman holding a helmet are actually shaved orangutans.

  • Gridlock

    Mr Tickle!

  • Mafer Martinez

    Come on. Where have you been hiding? Obviously that is Slenderman´s day job. I never thought Slenderman was a hipster in day light.