Silversea: Reach out to your travel professional

She’d trade it all for one night of feasible high-fives.

Photoshop disasters

You laugh, but elongated limbs have all sorts of uses besides making you look like a bird woman in a bikini. Ever wanted to pick up something from the ground without kneeling or bending over? Yeah, who’s laughing now?

Thanks Robert for the find!

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  • RundesNettes

    It might not be the arm that’s stretched so much as the torso that’s narrowed. That ribcage looks improbably narrow given the size of the head/neck.

    • OurJames

      Her torso might have been narrowed, but the ratio of upper right arm to lower arm is impossible, not to mention the fact that the fingers in her right hand seem to have become fused. There’s something misshapen about her left lower arm and hand as well.

      The question, as ever, is WHY did they do this? Did they decide her right arm just HAD to extend under the complete width of the “Silversea” box? If so, why. Why, Lord, oh why?

      • Thriell

        Generally, the distance from one’s wrist to one’s elbow is the length of one’s foot. Looking at that right arm, she must wear a size 20 shoe!

  • AdB

    It serves to swim in circles

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She’s the one people always ask to pass the salt and pepper.

  • CBL

    No PSD here. The distance from shoulder to elbow should be roughly the same as elbow to wrist, as with her left arm. The right arm looks fine, once you locate her right wrist and compare the distances.

    It looks weird because the bottom half of her whole right forearm, wrist and hand are below the crop, which makes them look unnaturally long and thin.

  • John C. Lowe

    CBL, you need an eye exam. They finally post a real PSD and you can’t see it?

  • Cropper

    If you look at it at 300% you can see how truly mangled with photoshop that arm is.

  • Aeredgthy Ytutyu

    How to Draw a Tablet in Photoshop?