You Brought the Floating Tent, Right?

A sleeping bag so comfortable, it’s like you’re sleeping on air.

Photoshop Disasters

In the manufacturer’s defense, it’s not easy designing a sleeping bag for a woman the same size as a full-grown tree. Her book is likely large-print too.

Also, check out the fold where her hips should be. Dang girl.

Thanks Ann. You can see the original on Amazon.

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  • Sunjo

    Not really a psd disaster (I take that back – didn’t see her hip) .. simply IDIOTS creating ADS 😀

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Oh! its the UK Amazon. Our New Zealand site would never let this happen.

  • Cropper

    It looks like a magic carpet ride.

  • JStass

    It’s good to see they’re willing to use a lower-leg amputee though. Either that or she has her legs curled under her thigh, in which case she’s not actually in that sleeping bag but just resting it over her for protection from the boogeyman.

  • OurJames

    The sad thing is that they didn’t even try.

  • stella

    Comfortable as floating on air? Looks stiff as a board to me.

  • dai

    Not a PS – I’ve got one of those sleeping bags. They were accidentally filled with up instead of down.

  • Tom Brickhouse

    I also like how the corner of the sleeping bag was chopped off.

  • Andulamb

    I don’t consider this a Photoshop disaster, as I don’t believe they were trying to make it look like the sleeping bag was actually in that park. I think they simply used the park shot as a background. Like, if you’ve ever seen an ad for a fishing rod where there’s a nice shot of a fishing rod laid over a shot of a jumping fish. They’re not trying to say that the fishing rod is floating in the air. They’re just saying “Look at our beautiful rod! You could catch fish like this!” Whereas this ad is saying “Look at our beautiful sleeping bag! You could use it in this park!”