Coolsculpting: Watch that fat

If you’re trying to highlight your models torsos, you should avoid giant watermarks on their stomachs.

Photoshop Disasters

That stock photo logo is literally where their love handles would be, if not for the benefit of eating right and tons of time at the gym freeze-dried plastic surgery. You would think an industry obsessed with appearance would give their billboards a second glance prior to building them.

Thanks Aaron.

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  • Nickadoo

    Ha! I just took a photo of this billboard last night with the intention of submitting it. I saw it at Santa Monica Blvd and Virgil last night and Instagrammed it immediately

  • Cropper

    Sloppy as a fat stomach flopping over a belt.

  • Bev

    Makes me grateful that when I make a mistake (YOU, Bev? No way!), it’s not plastered all over a 10 foot high billboard.


    Yup, Nickadoo, I instagrammed it a few weekends back. PSDisasters was my first thought! – Aaron

    • Bryce Bladon

      I’m touched we were your first thought Aaron <3