Infant Care: Blow-up Babysitter

Anyone left in charge of my child is required to have a good head on their shoulders.

Photoshop Disasters

Oversized eyes help childcare professionals keep a lookout for the (particularly) little ones. However, peek-a-boo becomes a terrifying experience.

Thanks Mouss.

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  • Mark McGehee

    La gardienne mange les enfants!

    • ixache

      Yes, but she’s a pro. Yummy, yummy children…

      BTW, it’s not “gardienne” (which is more along the lines of caretaker, guardian, custodian, warden, keeper, watchman, etc.), but “nounou” (regular day-care) or “baby-sitter” (occasional, nights). Baby-sitter is pronounced “bèbi siteur”, just so everyone knows it’s definitely not an english word.

  • René Bonvanie

    It should have said “confiez vos projets Photoshop à des professionels”…

  • dsu

    “Blow-up Babysitter”

    There have times when we would have consider it. :)

    • dsu

      err, considered

  • Zappo

    Does anyone remember ‘bloaty head disease’ from Theme Hospital? It’s a terrible illness and I am glad she has found employment in a field outside of the bobble head industry.

  • Bev

    Well, at least her hands are a normal size, otherwise she’d look like some kind of a FREAK.

    • Chresmologue

      No, no, you don’t understand — the baby has two right hands, that’s all.

  • Cropper

    Reminds me of a weird tripping cartoon like R. Crumb

  • Dark Nomad

    Mum when I grow up, will I be a bobblehead too ?

  • John C. Lowe

    I say “optical illusion”. If you hold up a card and hide the baby, the girl looks completely normal! Try it.

  • Sabrina
    • Bryce Bladon

      Thanks Sabrina!