Lane Bryant: In The Bush

Plus-sized fashions for minus-limbed persons.

Photoshop Disaster

There’s a hint of the model’s right leg behind her knee, but it doesn’t make sense how she’s standing there. Then again, straddling a bush is rarely a natural pose.

Yes, “straddling a bush.” Grow up.

Thanks Open2Uandu.

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  • Crazy M

    I don’t think it’s a psd but it certainly is awkward looking. It’s seems almost like they added a bush to the picture just to cover her leg.

  • richardginn

    I am also going to say no PSD, BUTTTTT why would they do a photoshoot with such a smoking hot female and coverup her other leg like that??? A piece of her second leg does exist and this is a for a pants event….

    The attached image shows off the lady and her legs better

  • Rachel Land

    Yes a PSD and here is why – a bush would be able to go between her legs (…maybe) but it cannot *go through her leather skirt.*

    What is so confusing about the human anatomy and basic laws of physics that cause otherwise talented photoshoppers to mangle a photo? (And why would she shove herself into a bush?)

  • crankycatholic

    It would make sense if she had a cell phone in her right hand. People don’t pay attention to where they’re walking.

  • Cropper

    Love the comments. I vote PSD. There is no way her knee would bend like that. Besides if you use Levels to see the details in the dark areas of the dress….

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    This is more of a metaphor/symbolism disaster. Don’t put a bush near her bush; psd or not.

  • OurJames

    You can see what I think is a tiny bit of her right leg where the left knee bends – just to the right of the “B” in “Bryant.”

  • Donan

    If that bush was added in Photoshop then that is the most realistically photoshopped bush I have ever seen. The way her shadow falls on the leaves, the way one of the little leaves bends when pushed against her skirt, the way the light bounces off and tints some parts of her clothes slightly green… yeah, that bush is real and was there when they took the photo.
    Why on Earth you would want to take a picture of a woman walking into a bush I have no idea.

  • stella

    I think they replaced the background in the bottom half of the photo and in the process removed part of her skirt and leg, making it a PsD. .

  • luckysnags

    Maybe it’s supposed to be “Lame Bryant” ?

  • thewolfkin

    no good sir i’m afraid i can’t grow up. I intend to giggle for hours about that one.

  • Vic

    Not a PSD, just a typo in the text. Was supposed to say “The Perfect PLANT EVENT”.

  • PSDwatcher

    Once again another epic fail for PSDisasters. Absolutely nothing wrong with this photo of a beautiful woman walking down the street. How many GA’s does it take too screw in a lightbulb? Any number really, one will do the job, and the rest will complain that they could have done it better.

  • Tom Brickhouse

    Maybe its a PSD because they did not photoshop out the bush she walked into

  • Bev

    Heh heh, you said “bush.”

    No, I won’t grow up! :-p

  • JD Liddil