MADE: Bird Legs

This bird-legged beauty is just sitting down for a peck of lunch.

Photoshop disaster

Besides barely supporting her, these legs look a stunted to boot. It’s lucky that this model flies to escape her natural predators.

Great catch Bill!

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  • 12314124125246526262523523

    This is actually disgusting |:
    People with eating disorders and shit because they think that this is today’s image of “beauty”.
    Fucking hate shit like this |:

    • Chin-Ho Kelly

      Um… this is photoshop. Her legs aren’t really that skinny.

      • OurJames

        But the image is of a woman who is very, very thin. It doesn’t matter how thin the model was, the image we are presented with shows unnaturally – and unhealthy – thinness. We see only the image, not the model.

  • Dalla

    What’s wrong with her head O_o

  • hockeyplayah

    She probably has chubby legs so the editors were like, “Let’s just chop some of this off, blah blah blah, don’t care… done!”

  • Jugstopper

    This is one where your really, really HOPE it is a PSD!

  • Blu

    Does no one notice she is missing one leg from the knee down? I don’t think he looks unusually thin…

    • Bryce Bladon

      You peaked my curiosity, so I tracked that photo down from another angle.

  • Lilith Nerevarine

    Kind of reminds me of Silent Hill. Strange expressionless mannequin gaze and pose. Diapers. I expect her to jump up any second and brandish a huge cleaver or knife. Scary.

  • SL

    Yeah, the legs are chopped. The lower part of the leg is as big as the upper part and the other leg is missing. If she would be standing up, she would have to walk with a cane or fall on her face due to the lack of support.

  • Bagdeguy

    Seriously? Another fish-eyed, poorly lit, poorly angled photo of a crumpled newspaper? That allows us to give any kind of perspective. If you want to rag on a poorly executed photoshop job, at least have the courtesy of using a suitable source from which to make your accusations, guffaws and finger-pointing. See the high resolution original here:

    • MaryMitch

      Seriously? You’re complaining because you need more perspective?

    • lolwut

      Why are you so mad? I understand the need for a good source, but an HD source isn’t a high priority for this picture.

      The big problem with this Photoshop job is that the legs are too small and thin for her body; her torso and head look freaky with those legs.

  • Bev

    This is hideous, and I don’t just mean her shirt, although that alone is practically a crime against humanity.

  • Brandiesel

    If you look at the hi-res image that
    linked to, you can see that both of her legs are actually there. You can also see that the bottom edge of her thigh is wavy where it comes off the chair. Somebody did take a little off.