Photoshop Quiz: Katy Perry: Too few?

This week we received the image below for Katy Perry‘s new snack company Popchips Inc. A number of you complained that it looks like they removed her index finger and some think that with her finger is within her hair.

Vote below as to what you think happened to that index finger.

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  • Kit F

    It’s her ring finger that’s missing.

    • nikki

      I agree- it looks like her index, middle and pinky…

  • Jonathan Dresner

    I’m pretty sure the hair and dress have been ‘shopped in, or her head has been added to someone else’s modelling.

  • Chris

    Sooo much more than her index finger is wrong, this image was completely chopped. The big fat sausage index finger on the other hand. The traps don’t match up. The dress doesn’t match her breasts. the head was shopped on. Seriously, I want to be paid good money to produce crap like this. Any takers? Anyone?

    • Gaussian Blerr

      You forget to mention the mixed shadows

  • Mohammedsawaie


  • RickRussellTX

    I think it’s in her hair — that’s not a very strange way to hold your glasses, at least if you’re posing — but it’s possible that attempts to color and/or thicken her hair have hidden it even more completely.

  • dan Ullmanq

    Hmm, the chip package isn’t throwing a shadow on her arm. Neat trick that.

  • Rocky Carr

    Her finger? What about her inflated left hand holding the bag of chips?

  • kelseigh

    The big problem is there are too many Katy Perrys in this image. Remove one, and we’re good.

  • Prescott Perez-Fox

    I didn’t notice her finger until I read the post. More blatant is the fact that her breast have vanished. They are, I think we’ll all agree, quite noticeable. You can’t just switch the body with another model. Cmon now.

  • Cropper

    SEE Everybody uses their index finger to look over glasses.

  • dthree

    When did becoming a spokesperson mean its “your company”?

  • kaza

    they photoshopped her boobs, because it looks smaller

  • ralph

    No shadow on her arm from the package.

  • angela s. katy perry luvah

    of course her finger is hidden it’s pretty stupid to say they chopped her finger off. stupid ppl.

  • Ana Bee

    Even if it is in her hair (would be pretty unnatural for her to stick it straight along her head, but hey) it’s still shitty photo editorial – it looks creepy. Not to mention that the photo is shopped to death in general (check out the natural flow of her hair on her shoulders)… sigh.

  • PleasantDoom

    Nah, she just positioned her hand weird and the photographer was too sick of her to take any more shots. That bag, however, was never there. They had stunt cardboard take its place.

  • John C. Lowe

    Although a difficult and uncomfortable way to grab your glasses, her finger is in her hair, not missing. I tried it and looked in the mirror. It can be done.

    On closer look, the shadow on her thumb is going the wrong direction unless there’s multiple lighting….?

  • Richard

    It’s a side effect of eating the chips.

  • Tom Brickhouse

    Who would hold there glasses with their middle finger and thumb?

  • Junkie

    I tried to recreate this, and it’s not possible to hold my hand like that with my index finger in my hair. Fail!

    • the potatoes

      Um actually that is really easy to do. unless you are stupid

  • Chresmologue

    No PSD — cartoon characters *always* have just three fingers and a thumb . . . oh, wait . . . it’s her LEFT hand that’s all wrong!

  • Will Kemp

    It’s not even her hand. The right hand and the glasses (among everything else!) have been shopped in.

  • C Reid

    For those suggesting this is ‘impossible’, try the following: Put on glasses/shades. Then, grasp the arm in the middle with your middle and thumb, with the index put on the back of the arm of the glasses. You will likely find this is an easy and straightforward way to push them off.

    I think the true PSD here is that they couldn’t even get her to pose with her own damn bag of chips for a picture, nor could they figure out after how to make it look like she really was…

  • kasey

    I agree. The finger next to the little finger is too long for a ring finger. I think they grafted two pictures because the angle between the “ring finger” is odd as if they’re hiding a join.