Photoshop Quiz: Victoria’s Secret

I feel as if we feature Victoria’s Secret on this blog every week! This week we got sent the following image and can’t decide whether it’s a disaster or the angle at which the photo was taken at.

Vote below as to what you think happened and drop us a comment as to why you voted the way you did.

Photoshop Disasters

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Thanks Rikka for the find and you can see the original on Victoria’s Secret.

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  • Button Ginger

    I love the proud boast “Imported nylon”. Well, of course it’s imported – it’s made in China……

  • ixache

    Actually, they butchered her two arms.

  • anon

    Looks like a perfectly normal anorexic zombie arm to me.

  • mE.!

    It’s a bad cut & paste. She was cropped out of another pic and pasted into that background.

  • OurJames

    I just tried and can easily reproduce this in front of a mirror. And I bet my forearm is thicker than hers.

  • Cristele Giat

    I dont think she was ever in front of this door, bad cut and paste that shows more on the arm, but actually shows everywhere when you look closer.

  • Stephanie Hart

    her left hand is floating in mid air

  • Grandaddeo

    It is the lamp lite so brite the arm disappears.

  • rossfarm

    It’s Thing from the Addams Family. In a new job as a hand model.

  • tom

    One could argue that the hand is not photoshoped, but her left arm is perfectly straight which is very unlikely.
    Though the lighting and shadows on the model’s body/arms/hands are consistent. Not with the lamp, my god no, but with the light source in the green screen room.

  • Mark McGehee

    Definitely a cut-paste hand, you should be able to see a seamless background through the space in her ring finger and pinky, and there’s some definite dissonance there, never mind the unnatural border where the wrist bends or the insane straightness of that unseen arm. They’re definitely trying to hard.

  • CHR

    Looks like an incomplete mask on the left side… Did the hand but forgot the arm.

  • pisaei

    i want her hair!! (sorry for that…. Oo)

  • Dan

    “…or the angle at which the photo was taken at” – Really?

  • wjuanito

    The disaster should show the elbow, here it’s normal !

  • Ultra_Orange

    They did a cob on the original image and replaced the background. The cob wasn’t done so well and they didn’t adjust the lighting. Wouldn’t really call it a disaster but then again I think most people that follow this site assume everything is a psd.

  • isa

    the real question is, what’s with her left leg?

  • BloodyRose

    I just did the same pose and looked in the mirror; MU HAND LOOKED LIKE IT WAS FLOATING JUST LIKE HERS! I mean it! Her hand is not chopped off!