American Apparel: Sarah Jessica Parker Ad

American Apparel has an offer you can’t refuse.

Photoshop Disasters

For once, I can say I’m interested in a model for more than her face. Not that I don’t appreciate a girl with a good head on her shoulders, but I like to keep it within my own species.

Thanks Gillian! Once you see the disaster (closely look at the horse) in this one, you won’t be able to not see it.  You can see the original on the AA site.

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  • peaceetc

    Like you’ve never given a large-headed tiny-bodied horse a piggy back ride before.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I’ve lived a sheltered existence.

  • Tom Brickhouse

    Wearing lace in the riding ring can be too revealing, but not for your horse.

  • TuTuCaboose

    The first thing I noticed was not the missing horse body, but the fact that the two hands do not belong to the same person.

  • Aron Nopanen

    Not a disaster. Clearly an homage to The Godfather.

  • Waldobaby

    Sad, and not AA-sad. You finally get to a web site that uses normal average people for models and what do you do? You insult an actress for her less-than-plastic looks. So witty. So droll. Make sure your next video entry has an item about The Fonz on water skis.

    • Kirsty


      • Bryce Bladon

        Pst, Kirsty – what’s going on?

        Also, American Apparel uses porn stars in some of their ads. Some of my personal favourites, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Jay

    That horse wasn’t photoshopped. Its just the camera angle. We have the original. We have proof.

    • JudeJackson

      I was gonna say, I can see where everything is and I’m not sure why they thought this was a PSD. It’s a peculiar angle if you look at it long enough, but it’s mostly just a nice photo.

  • Michael Mejias

    haha. a horse with invisible body

  • Bev

    I’m getting a very “Alicia Silverstone” vibe from this model, and a very “Seabiscuit if his head was mounted on a wall” vibe from the horse. All that being said, that dress is FUG to the LY.

  • Travis Baldwin

    I want to know why her legs are replaced with horse legs

  • AutoMatron

    Those hands are freakish and the one on the horse’s head does not belong to her, and she appears to have no legs. Egads!