Ann Taylor: D’em hips

High-waisted fashion has gone too far. I’ve always wanted dancer’s legs – but at what cost?

Photoshop Disasters

For a “perfectly proportioned [giraffe] silhouette,” toss on these bikini bottoms. They even promise full bottom coverage – which is a real deal, when you consider the extra coverage for someone with human hips.

Thanks L. You can see the original on the Ann Taylor site.

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  • gabrielx

    She really should see a doctor

  • Crazy Mecha

    I actually feel sorry for this girl. Is that a tumor or something?

  • grimbles

    She has prominent hipbones, that’s all. You can see them in other shots of the same model on the site.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I really do wonder. I have some pretty outrageous hips myself (they can’t lie), but these still strike me a touch superhuman.

  • JStass

    No, I think the problem here is that she needs to eat something…

  • Bev

    Elephantiasis of the Hips? It happens.

  • SL

    **BAM!** more hip.