Espirit: Turn the other cheek

Whenever she sits, she always seems to be at a tilt.

Photoshop Disasters

One problem I have with buying underwear is that they don’t let you try them on in the store, so you have no idea what your butt will look like in them. The other problem I have is the look the salesperson gives me when I buy panties.

Thanks Raffaella. You can find the original on the Esprit site.

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  • bobo

    So you’re saying because they didn’t photoshop out her butt it’s a psd? Or do women in your understanding of the world have no ass? Please at least look at some amateur porn or something to learn a little bit about how human bodies look.

    • Natalie Kingsbury

      If that is her normal butt then she is a freak. It’s nothing to do with her having one or not it’s the fact it is misshaped. I’m in agreement – PSD for sure

      • CBL

        “If that is her normal butt then she is a freak.”

        She’s a professional underwear model, of course she’s a freak. They don’t hire normal-looking people to be underwear models.

      • nope

        If you were that thin and posed with your leg out to the side and had ANY shape to your bum, guess what? Thats what it would look like from that angle. This is not a PSD, instead its a company that for once did not remove the butt from this angle. Do the people who run this blog actually work in this industry? Sometimes you guys completely miss the mark and just go with the general populations theories.

    • Bev

      Hey man, don’t accuse us of not watching enough porn, okay? Sheesh. That’s low.

  • Photomentalist

    So is the disaster that they didn’t make her look inhuman by removing normal body parts?

  • yo momma
    • Bev

      Oh my, gawd, Becky, look at her butt.

  • Kookoo

    The disaster is that they photoshopped the leg, but not the buttock. That inner thigh clearly doesn’t attach to that buttock in this way in real life.

  • Sevyn

    Why has nobody mentioned her upper right arm? That was the first thing that jumped out at me.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      You have a problem with flabby upper arms that jiggle when they aren’t moving? Or is it the burn scar on her arm pit? Maybe she hugged a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe. Bad judgement, not a PSD.

    • Bryce Bladon

      Because butts.

  • brian thomson

    But seriously: in Voltaire’s seminal work “Candide”, we meet an old lady with one buttock. She lost the other one when she was younger: She had been held captive by a group of men who were running out of food ,,!

    • Bryce Bladon

      Brian Thomson wins for making a conversation about butt-cheeks the most high-minded of my day.

  • Miguel Farah

    Never mind the butt. Look at her right arm!

  • Guille

    I really think there is no PSD involved in this pic, as far as her shape is concerned. She’s a little bit thin, but pretty hot nevertheless

    • Lily

      Look at her crotch.

  • SL

    All i can say is ewwww….

  • House Indulgence Photo

    I have photoshoped this type of thing of of slim models many times before. It is normal when you take an angle that is at hip level. Most people only see from a standing level and never get this view of a person’s but cleavage from the front low vantage point. If you are a photographer you would know how common this is in a bikini and lingerie photo. The only problem is that the retouched did not remove it. Most people are not used to this natural occurrence with the body. For those of you who think this is “freakish” I think you need to get out more and step away from the internet and look at real human bodies.


  • DRiley

    Not a PSD. The reason why you see her cheek is that the underwear wasn’t adjusted properly on the model or it’s oddly cut. Most underwear covers part of the butt cheek; the one on the model looks like it was pulled to the side but no one noticed to adjust it back again.

  • Jugstopper

    Oooh, baby…

  • Sup
    • Sup

      seems her butt is special