Glamour: Dainty in Deutschland

I’m not sure if it’s the oversized-bow on her dress or her pencil arms, but this model doesn’t seem quite right.

Photoshop Disasters

What say you readers? Is she just a dainty-Dutchwoman, or is there something sinister behind the airbrushing here?

Thanks Annika for the find. 

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  • Ingrid

    I suspect she may be German and not Dutch since Deutschland is Germany not the Netherlands. I’m just sayin’… Or maybe she’s Diane Kruger?

    • Bryce Bladon

      Dammit Ingrid. Don’t point out my obvious ignorance in front of the readers.

      It’s embarassing.

  • Barbara

    Not so sure this is doctored…if you look at other photos, she does have a large noggin.

  • mE.!

    Her shoulders are different heights. IT looks off, but I also can’t say for sure.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Diane Kruger, right there on the cover. She’s weird, even with out a bow on her chest.

  • inspector taggart

    That’s not a bow, it’s a blood-soaked tourniquet

  • SL

    The head seems too big.

  • JStass

    Her right breast is really throwing me off. The shadow of it’s curve seems to follow up on top of her skin where it should be attaching. That and that head is enormous.

  • Jo_Momma

    Diane Kruger is one of the many lollipop head actresses and models. Big bows are in this year (and last year). They are hideous but there they are. Not even Diane has knife-edge cheekbones that the pictures shows.