J. Crew: Trimming The Fat

The good news is, at least the hacks at J. Crew remembered to include the model’s hair this time.  The bad news is… obvious.

Thanks, Rebecca!  Original is here.

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  • peaceetc

    What exactly were they ‘shopping out? The cutout shape is rather… strange.

    • Skeptic

      I don’t think they were actually cutting anything out. More like using the eraser tool very very sloppily. Perhaps after the cutout they wanted to do something about artifacts at the edge, so they decided on an eraser tool, but selected the wrong brush size or something.

      • Bev

        That’s what I thought too. As much as I wanted to crack some off-color jokes about this (and believe me, I was biting my tongue hard), I think they were just slimming out her (clearly enormous — eye roll) thighs and had a little “oopsy” moment. So sloppy.

        • https://twitter.com/BryceBladon Bryce Bladon

          You’re a better person than I am.

          • Bev

            I wouldn’t go that far, but thanks. 😉

      • peaceetc

        Yeah, I figured out what happened, but it really looks like they had to take out a male-only feature. It’s definitely sloppy work.

        • herculesmoore

          Whoa, now that you say that, I can’t stop seeing that….

    • SL

      I agree. There was no point in cutting that area out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    Since I don’t know anything about Photoshop, could someone explain something to me? Doesn’t it have an “undo” feature. And if it does, why is it not used in an instance such as this?

    • OurJames

      Indeed. A lot of the PSDs we see here are examples of common mistakes that no one caught. Apparently a lot of art directors don’t review the work they sign off on.

  • sackes

    Do they hire blind GA:s nowadays?