Joe’s: Vintage Baroque

The look says “fierce and possibly unbalanced,” the proportions say “definitely unbalanced.”

Photoshop Disasters

Part of a “unique collection” that’s a “modernization of the decade’s silhouettes.” What qualifies as an “edgy, sexy bod[y]?” Size two models and matchsticks for shin bones?

Thanks Hayley. The original was found in a Joe’s jeans email campaign.

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  • Skeptic

    If this was a ’70s silhouette I’d expect to see bell bottoms. And then there would not be need for extra thin shins.

  • GJ

    Probably not even a PSD. Today’s models are total aliens. They don’t resemble anything human.

  •élène-La-Vilaine/1548456759 Hélène La Vilaine

    OMG what happend to her right leg ? ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She’s too close to the mirror for that reflection.

    • Bryce Bladon

      Cue scene from every horror movie ever.

  • Miguel Farah

    Wow, not even the mirror is properly done. For that reflection, it should be at an angle instead of straight vertical.

  • JarFil

    She should cover her chest bones. I would say with fat, but clothes would be a good second choice.

  • Bev

    Non-peg-legged models are soooo last season!

  • oldenoughdoc

    The position of her left arm is anatomically impossible unless you are a contortionist or have a connective tissue disorder. Try it yourself.

  • Jordi Aymar Brú