Frederik: What’s on your mind?

The male counterpart to I Dream of Jeannie did not test well with audiences.

Photoshop disasters

Silk shirts and headbands rarely go well together, but panties floating on a separate plane of existence compliment any outfit.

Thanks Ali for the find. Although intentional we laughed so hard when we seen this that we had to post it. You can see the original on .

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  • richardginn

    So I take three different photos and combine them into one???

    Where is the real PSD???

  • OurJames

    A conceptual disaster, but not a PSD.

  • hedelmäpommi

    he is a finnish singer who has actually led a succesful career since 1966. he has given us gems like this:

    • Ässähässäkkä

      And the linked article he talks about his plans once he has ended his career: to set up an exhibition of panties women have thrown onto the stage over the decades. Perhaps a good thing then that he isn’t planning to hang up his microphone anytime soon…

  • Lara

    You “seen it”? I think you saw it…

    It is pretty hilarious. A disaster in the fact that whoever put the pictures together did it in a particularly clumsy and amateur way.

  • Bev

    He looks like the love child of Fabio and David Hasselhoff, and since both of those guys are know panty-lovers, this makes total sense to me.

    • Bev