NIS: If it fits, I sits

Getting the whole family in one place can be tricky, especially when you have to fit them all in a cart intended for one.

Photoshop Disasters

Come for the gorgeous view, the beautiful bridges, and the hot-air balloon cut-out. Stay for the judgemental cat.

Seriously, what is Whiskers doing there?

Thanks Steven. You can see the original on the Nies & Partners Facebook page.

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  • Matt Edwards

    I think this is done intentionally.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    This is the new circus? they are stuffing hot women in side-cars(?) instead of clowns in cars? Praise the Lord!

  • marcsobel

    stop making fun of four double amputees. And so cheerful.

  • whatever name

    what is it with cats and the internet? I can’t take my eyes off that two-dimensional cat.
    I’m also surprised they didn’t give the balloon one of those stupid fake shadows

  • Frans Nies
  • Steven Trooster

    Notice the hand behind the front womans head and the black arm sticking out in the front of the car

    • Yann

      The “black arm” is supposed to be a shadow on the grass… I guess

      • Skeptic

        The only problem is that the shadow, based on the other shadows, should neither be in that position or in that angle.

  • Miguel Farah

    I think it’s clear the cat ate the legs of all those girls.

  • gianni

    Did any of you watch the movie? It’s clearly a joke done on purpose! The link is provided below in Frans Nies comment. You’ll undestand the cat and the balloon after you watch.

  • Bev

    “Raise your hand if you love being legless!”

  • SL

    The pixelated balloon in the top corner looks amazing by the way… just saying!!! 😉