Photoshop Quiz : Focus: False Prophet

hummm… I mean we’ve had babies with six fingers, amputee models, so why wouldn’t a solider with three arms be possible. I guess “Focus” magazine may have made one of those titanic mistakes.

Vote below and drop us a comment as to what happened. 

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Thanks Matthias for the image.

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  • Simon Brooke

    There is a person standing behind the girl, you can see his feet

  • Seth Brower

    If you look, this one is actually a 2nd man standing right behind her, you can see his legs behind hers. So not so much a bad rework job, but instead just bad composition in the photography itself.

  • AlbertoFranchi

    there is another soldier behind her

  • Bernie

    What about the reflection to the right of the dictator? Is it behind him? And if so why can we see his face. Surely it should be a reflection of the back of his head.

    • PK

      It’s not a reflection, it’ a picture on the (round pillar) wall. This is a promo shot for “The Dictator” movie – another Sacha Baron Cohen flop.

      • tchize

        How, come one, i laughed so hard on this movie :)

  • bec

    Should have retouched out the person behind her.

  • mjb-ohio

    not to mention, did you see the microphone boom on the very left of the page?

    It’s like a where’s waldo book. lol.

  • mjb-ohio

    and the camel poo behind her feet. lol

  • Name

    Clearly another person behind. And clearly another PSD fail.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    She’s probably shopped in from a shot around the same time. why would you direct a shoot where the model in the back has absolutely no purpose. Shouldn’t the replaced model just walk off. Or are camel shadows cooler than others.

  • Skeptic

    Hmm, now I noticed the other guy, too. As for the camel, the boom and the guy’s beard – that’s Sacha Baron Cohen. He makes ridiculous films. In this one he seems to parody the late tyrant of Lybia, Gaddafi. That accounts for – well – everything.

  • kate

    You can quite clearly see that there is a man behind her.

  • Solution
  • Crazy Mecha

    Not a psd just badly done. Several issues with it that aren’t related to photoshop. Camel poo? lol

  • R. Cali

    Remember when this site actually posted PSDs?

  • Carl

    You can see the second solider behind her, this is not photoshop…

  • SL

    It looks like there is a military guy behind the girl.

  • gianni

    How come nobody noticed the webmaster spelled “soldier” wrong?

  • Amy

    There is someone behind her but they could have removed the arm and the legs before putting it in the mag.

  • tBrick

    Yes there is someone behind her, so they SHOULD HAVE photoshoped out the extra arm.

    • Lily

      Well, there *was*. They removed him only partially, therefore = disaster.

  • IAS

    I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the IQ level of readers. As I’ve said before this blog was one of the higher class ones, not like all those absolutely backwards lot at cheezburger. I am just dumbfounded that even after a link has been posted that definitively confirms it is not a PsD the votes stiil go up.

  • Klara

    clearly a guy standing behind the girl.. why was it even posted here, the author is blind?

  • Arec Barrwin

    Not too sure what a solider is.. so I am unable to create a legit post.

  • Carissa

    This is just an unfortunate camera angle, the soldier behind her is just stuck hiding behind her…. Guess sometimes being tall gives you three arms and four legs!!!!!!! :)