Photoshop Quiz: Got Milk: Knobbly Knees?

We recently received an advertisement for “Got Milk” and we couldn’t decide whether this girls knee has been abused by Photoshop or not.

Vote below and comment as to how you voted.  

Photoshop disasters

That knee looks

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Thanks Megan for the image.

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  • ashley

    looks awful

  • Skeptic

    Is it me or is her leg corrugated? Unless the model is famous for her prosthesis, there’s no way this is not messed up.

  • Kathleen Sykes

    This looks really bad; it doesn’t matter, however, if these PSD’s that are voted on are real or not. The fact stands that if the photo looks wrong, and the GA needs to make it look believable. They should have learned that in art school. Duh.

  • grim

    left hand pinky missing in action ?

  • Ben

    The knee itself is fine if she’s wearing long trousers which she’s pulled up around her knee. Her leg, on the other hand…

  • richardginn

    The knee on Mirinda Carfrae looks fine to me, the left hand though far worse imo.

  • mr-not-so-nice-guy

    “after” also means anus in german, so she definitly got chocolate milk in there:)

  • CeeDub

    The knee is fine, it’s the hand with only three fingers that gets my attention.

  • Doogin

    Look at her shin as it warps up to her missing pinkie. Definitely made some flesh disappear.

  • Darlene

    Sadly, my knee looks JUST LIKE that from that angle. DEFORMED, I’m DEFORMED!

    • Jugstopper

      Yes. Yes you are.

  • SL

    It looks like someone had too much fun with the liquify tool. The bending of the leg after the knee is horrible not only does it look like the leg goes up after the hand then down again. They do say to take your time with the liquify tool and really know how to use it before you say “it is good to go” for a reason.

  • stella

    I’m guessing she looked better in her “before.”

  • Bryce Bladon

    My bones are so brittle! But I always drink plenty of… malk?

  • Appi

    She’s a pro Ironman athlete and her knee really looks like that, I believe it’s cartilage.