Target: Plug-in and drop-out

Headphones so good, you wan’t even realize they’re not plugged in.

Photoshop Disasters

Ever pop in your headphones and, after a couple hours or work, realize that you never turned the music on? It’s just like that, but far more stupid. This is the photoshop-equivalent of the shape-in-hole game infants play. And you failed it.

Thanks Adam. The original was an advertisement for Target.

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  • intelcurio

    Sorry guys I must be having a hard day because I can not see the disaster, earphones look OK to me, please help me out here, having a brain fart or something on my end

    • Kemp

      Took me a moment to spot it – the headphone plug goes behind the phone rather than into the socket.

    • Bev

      I missed it at first too! It’s a subtle one; thankfully Adam has sharp eyes so he could point it out to us.

      • intelcurio

        yes, very subtle indeed!

  • SL

    Earphones not in the phone socket. Clever.

    Typo in the text about the image, fyi. “Won’t” instead of “wan’t”.

    • SL

      Above** not about.

    • bobo

      It’s not a typo. She’s just home schooled.

      • jill

        Your obviously an idiot. Check the IQ tests of home schooled vs public schooled. But I suppose u need authority figures to make you raise your hand and ask permisson to take a piss.

        • Esk

          *You’re. You aren’t doing a good job of proving your point.

        • Andrew Bossom

          Allow me to proof-read your post:

          “You’re obviously an idiot. Check the IQ test results of the home-schooled against those of the public-schooled. But I suppose you need authority figures to make you raise your hand and ask permission to take a piss.”

  • Steneub

    I don’t think is is a PSD. This is probably the props guy during the photoshoot’s fault for not having a real phone to plug headphones into.

    • JStass

      Even if that was the case, you’d still be using photoshop to put a real phone picture in and then you’d still be aligning the headphone plug in with the jack on the phone so I don’t see how this could NOT be a PSD… unless they taped the plug to the front of the phone during the shoot, which seems even more ridiculous and unlikely.

  • KoWo Requa

    Haven’t we all had one of those days?

  • Pokepoke

    Turns out duckttaping the cable to your phone doenst work quite as good as plugging it in.

  • Justin Sandilands

    I can’t believe no one has spotted the error in the text above – “you wan’t even realize” should be “you won’t even realize” and below – “after a couple hours or work”. Shouldn’t that be “after a couple of hours at work”?

    American English spellings aside, you need a proofreader!