SDA: Political Forces

Accusing a politician of a being a cut-out isn’t the most original insult, but it’s never been more accurate than in this picture.

Photoshop Disasters

There’s a particularly flat-faced fellow on the left that looks like he went through a sandblaster. The best thing about these extra heads is the pose they would have to be in order to justify the missing legs.

Thanks Nebojsa. This poster is for the SDA (Stranka demokratske akcije/Party of the Democratic Action) party of Bosnia.

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  • Ben

    I guess the chap couldn’t make the photo op, so a GA improvised with one of the few pictures he could get hold of…

    Still, they could have done a spot of colour manipulation on the layer to help him blend in, then cloned someone else’s legs for added effect. Then again, even with those changes, some eagle-eyed person may have noticed and notified you anyway…

  • Roger Kahn

    There is a guy on the right side that doesn’t look right either. Behind the guy in the white shirt. His skin tone is more yellow than all the pink faces.

    • Bryce Bladon

      You mean Scurvy Steve? Nah man, he’s a political darling in Bosnia.

  • Laura

    Roger Kahn, yeah and he doesn’t have legs either :(

  • Spillage Griffiths

    The man 7th from the left, and 6th from the right, are blatantly bad PS placements. I don’t understand what anyone else is going on about though.

  • Junkie

    To be fair I think the man on the left hand side is actually a ghost.

  • Bev

    If you think his face is flat, wait till you see his personality!

  • Jugstopper

    Those two guys could be featured in the “Soon…” meme.