The Local: Confusing in any language

Hey, everyone, look at three-eyes! Good thing the trials of growing up are so easy.

Photoshop Disasters

I wonder if her third-eye can see through the shade of reality and clue us in to just what the people behind her school photo were thinking. My money’s on “not much.”

Thanks Marcelo. You can see the article on Globo.

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  • richardginn

    I think it is time to bring in the exorcist…..

  • Joe Keglovitz

    No Man is taking her picture

  • Chas. Owens

    Perhaps they took more than one photo and then tried to replace the closed eyes in one with open eyes from the other and left an extra one in?

  • Chauncy Bacon

    Clone tool gone wry

    • Skeptic

      Absolutely. They probably wanted to cover a scar or something using her cheek, and then she got enlightened and became a Budha.

      • Bryce Bladon

        Who doesn’t remember ascending to enlightenment in middle-school?

  • stella

    This is what happens when the boss tells three different GAs “Keep an eye on this girl.”

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha


  • Stefan Damerau
  • herculesmoore

    I don’t know how they could make a mistake like this. Someone had to have done this to troll.

  • Bev

    I don’t even want to know where else she has extra eyes. Terrifying.

  • TheMaskedGoon

    The company I provide work for done this too and Chas Owens is correct, we take more than one photo so any closed eyes can be opened. It’s very easy to bump the eye out of position and not notice because it’s such a small part of the bigger picture.

    Still funny though.