Victoria’s Secret: Thighs for Miles

There’s perpetuating an unhealthy body image, and there’s photoshopping an impossible one.

Photoshop Disasters

Fun fact – the counter she’s leaning on is six feet tall. At first I thought the thighs were a touch too long, but now I’m wondering about that stomach. What say you, readers?

Thanks Amanda! You can see the original on the Victoria’s Secret site.

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  • Terry

    Since your elbows are slightly above where your waist / hip joints are, that stomach / thigh reconstruction gives me the willies.

  • Bill Campbell

    Filter > Ridiculous > Stretch > Everything > 250% > Fade 75% > CTRL Z > Upload

  • Erin M.

    Well, I for one have elbows that are at about the same height as my belly button, not a few inches above. I’m gonna go with elongated waist!

    • M.

      My elbows are about 2 inches above my navel. Judging by the picture above, it might be realistic if the model was around 180-185cm tall. I have similar proportions though I’m only 172cm.

  • Jugstopper

    Who knew Stretch Armstrong had a sexy sister?

    • Bryce Bladon

      Stretch Armwrong.

      Hey, fun fact about puns: I’m incredibly single.

  • SL

    At least they could of added a bigger butt.. ;P

  • stella

    Is one of her knees in the wrong place? The knee on the bent leg appears lower than the knee on the straight leg.

  • Bev

    Pick on her all you want, but when you need something off the top shelf, you’ll go crawling back to ask Stretch, here.

  • neville

    im no doctor but what would her height have to be if her chest is that far from her rear? or is that the low angle of the camera?

  • Lynne Darroch

    She’s actually the star of Avatar 2, the love-child of human and Na’vi.

  • Jo_Momma

    Lordosis poster girl.

  • jofjord

    She must have at least six extra vertebrae.

  • maxon

    I know you’re all fixated on what’s happening in the lower part of the body there but what about those arms? Looks like she’s had the bones removed just above the elbow. And then there’s that Carrie-head carriage.