Christina Aguilera: A Beautiful Flower

It’s a good thing the model has such alluring eyes to draw you away from her deficiencies.

Photoshop Disasters

I like a girl who’s more than a pretty face. Some call me picky, but I like legs, a nice chest, and maybe even a neck to go with it.

Thanks André. The seems to have come from Christina latest CD booklet.

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  • DrLearnALot

    Who needs a neck? Cut out the middle….neck!

  • Silvyah

    Nobody needs a body, floating head all the way! :’)

  • C!

    You guys should probably do your research first or look through the whole booklet. She’s wearing a gold reflective necklace, like she’s wearing in the Cease Fire pictures so her hair reflects.

  • Beverly L. Jenkins

    Is anyone else starting to get a Donatella Versaci vibe from Xtina? Those lips… ugh.

    • Greenhatter

      Botox is dead, long live liquify!

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