Air Mattresses: A Matter Of Perspective

Apparently they couldn’t pay a model to pose on an actual air mattress, which is an understandable problem.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s clear that this model was photoshopped from a different surface. First of all, the perspective seems off. Secondly, she seems to be comfortable, and no one on an air mattress has ever smiled.

Great catch Ygor.

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  • Aldemar Hernández

    At least disguise the surface but didnt figured out that?

  • Nicewriter

    Is she english or are the two left fingers just a coincidence?

    • sackes

      They had to put the second finger… “How dare you!!!11one!”

  • Steven Trooster

    Could the model been made up of three different parts? Head/shoulders, arms & legs. Something tells me the shoulders are to upright for laying down.

  • Karen McKim

    The mattress and the floor beneath it are also separate photos–unless the mattress was filled with helium and is floating two feet off the floor so that the far end clears that headboard/shelf thing.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I’m losing track of all the seperate parts to this photo. Model, air mattress, the background – so many liiiiiiiies.

  • designwebidentity

    No shadow either! Pretty ordinary job…