Alexandra Guarnaschelli: Chopped

Telekinesis is an oft overlooked kitchen technique.

Photoshop Disasters

If she was preparing a corn-based dish, you could expect a clever Children of the Corn reference. Instead, you get to enjoy Guarnaschelli’s glazed expression as she scoops pecans with her mind. Not pictured: kitchen appliances and cutlery singing and dancing as they prepare a dish ala Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks Carlen. The original was found within the November edition of the Food Network magazine.

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  • Amanda

    or the spoon/measuring cup was resting on the pecan halves in the bag, and it’s in fact not photoshop…

  • stella

    Not sure that the spoon is the disaster here. I don’t think she was even in the same room as the nuts and the disaster is that they couldn’t make it look realistic. It looks like the put the bag in front of a bad, old photograph of her. And that bad, old photograph was badly photoshopped too – she has a few wrinkles in real ife.

  • Skeptic

    It’s the photoshop of a photoshop. The bag of pecans has never shared mutual space with the lady. And the spoon has never shared mutual space with the bag. It’s in an impossible angle, unless the spoon was manufactured twisted.

  • Pedro Hin

    Is that Rebecca Black?

    • Bev

      I noticed that resemblance too! Haha

  • Bev

    That spoon looks like something from Mrs. Weasley’s kitchen in the Harry Potter books/movies! The only logical conclusion: she is a witch.

  • likalaruku

    She kinda looks like Mr. Bean.

  • UiscePreston

    This just proves she is the devil.