Ann Summers: Ken Doll Version 2.0

That man-kini seems to simply hang from the shoulders. All it will take is one gust of wind to reveal… um… absolutely nothing.

Photoshop Disasters

With a knee-melting smile like that, what he looks like with his shirt off is the cherry on top. What he looks like without his pants on is the unexpected realization that you are getting a single cherry. But at least it’s seedless.

Thanks Catherine. You can see the original on the Ann Summers site.

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  • Beverly L. Jenkins

    I thnk they Photoshopped out his “Mattel(R) stamp!

  • Barbara

    …and yet I don’t mind.

  • Saskia van Meel

    Anyone else tempted to click the other colors 😛

    • Dawn Casey

      Sadly, I went and looked at the other colors and it’s apparent that THIS model is definitely Made by Mattel. Look at the other guy, in the Lime Green Mankini though. NOT Mattel 😀

  • Steven Trooster

    I think they selected the model because he has no genitals.

  • anna

    Holy Cow! 😀

  • SL

    That’s all I can say… —> WTF?!?!? Hahahahahahahahahaha

    Thanks for the laugh PsDisasters. =)