Bazaar: A Bit Bizarre

Nicole Kidman is a natural beauty, which makes the airbrushing and awkward pose stand out more than that age-appropriate splash of thigh.

Photoshop Disasters

When your magazine is singing the praises of sexy forty-somethings, you should avoid melting your model’s face with excessive Photoshop. Besides the manikin expression, is this cover a disaster? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Mike.

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  • Dave Thompson

    Liberal use of the portrait tools for Photoshop. Real liberal.

  • binarylife

    they photoshoped her to the point of being unrecognizble – that is still a rare achievement

    • Bev

      I agree. She looks more like Naomi Watts than herself here.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Scientology revenge. They still can’t get over the divorce.

  • luckysnags

    Botox, skin bleaching and lip injections = natural beauty ? Ok, if you say so !

    • MaryMitch

      Yeah, she is always so botoxed she looks photoshopped to begin with

    • MaryMitch

      Yeah, she is always so botoxed she looks photoshopped to begin with

  • teleromeo

    I wonder what part of her body her legs are attached.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I think the gold part is attached to the other gold part.

  • chris

    Well it states right on the cover that it’s a (photo) shopping special magazine.

  • Miguel Farah

    Is that really Nicole Kidman, or just some lookalike?

  • Simone Santos

    She looks like a collage.

  • anna

    Something very wrong about her face, it seems to me they made her nose smaller, now it looks weird. Plus the thigh is too low, I dont know where her waist is supposed to be but the leg is just too low. Did they put five photos together to make this mess?

  • KdB

    I think this is actually a collage of Nicole, Julianna Moore (or less) and Oprah’s over-whitened legs glued below. Fine artwork, indeed!