Insert clever headline: A case of blue boxes

A good photoshop is like a sculpture; it’s as much about what you keep in and what you take away for [REMOVE THIS LEAD AND REPLACE WITH CLEVER REMARK].

Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop disasters like this one always remind me of [insert clever metaphor], with their [insert contextually relevant observation] and inability to [insert basic Photoshop skill]. Seeing the template of for something as simple as a supermarket advertisement can make the creator just seem [insert reprimanding remark].

Thanks Marco.

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  • Kookoo

    According to Google Translate, Blauwe doos weghalen stands for “Remove the blue box”…


    • Silvyah

      That’s correct :’) Seems like a stupid part they forgot.

  • Beverly L. Jenkins

    Oops! Now that’s embarrassing.

  • Greenhatter

    if else cat gets embarrased, dutch is futch!!!!