Karlie: The Pits

Everyone who sees this logic-defying model is probably wondering the same thing – how is she keeping that hula hoop aloft without using her hips?

Photoshop Disasters

The belt, faux-neckbrace, and oversized jewelry all indicate that this subject is used to useless additions on her body. I know there’s a deodorant brand that claims to be ‘strong enough for a man but made for a woman,’ but I wonder if they offer a line of products for the woman-ish.

Thanks Candice.  You can see the original on FashionCopious.

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  • jdm8

    First: I hate the ebook popup. I already have it. It’s nice, but not worth popping up every time I someone visits. You can’t just make it a sidebar ad?

    Second: the dislocated right arm is something special. I don’t know how the hula-hoop is supposed to work with that pose.

    • Skeptic

      Yes, the popup is super annoying. No thank you, I don’t want to register. You have two choices – take off the popup, or risk me getting annoyed and removing this web site from my list. The option you think likely – that I’ll get tired of it and register – is not an option.

  • Silvia

    She has two armpits under her left arm… I hope that deodorant is good!

    • OurJames

      The lower “armpit” is actually the leftmost edge of her left breast. Now how does she keep that black bar aloft?

      • lux aeterna

        silvia is right. the breast edge and armpit connect as one long groove/shadow on a female. [source: i’m a female, so is silvia i presume…]

        • ixache

          I’m not a female, but the linked original, without the black bar, shows perfectly well what you’re describing. And that the case of the doubled armpit is beyond the shadow of a doubt.

          BTW, the same Karlie Kloss have already been figured on this website (ribs erasing). She seems to do a lot of fetish-inspired shoots lately, but the here hula-hoop is just goofy… Lovely small round breasts, too; which contradicts nicely the concerns about anorexia.

          Finally, about the black bar, what is this site actually? Disney cum dominatrix?

      • Silvia

        the leftmost edge of her breast IS her armpit, it’s obviously the same one duplicated as they attached a different arm

  • Marcy

    Remember vaudeville? Yeah, neither do I. But I remember seeing recreations on tv shows and, if an act was horrible, a big hook would appear from offstage, grab the performer and pull him off the stage to the delight of the audience. I think someone has hooked her with their hula hoop and is trying to get her out of the photo. After all, we cannot see the entire hula hoop, there could be someone holding it up.

  • Stella

    I know it is not a PsD, but her “necklace” makes it look like they photoshopped out her neck

    • SL

      No psd??? have you look at the left armpit?? two armpits from one arm is new to me in the human anatomy. lol

      • Kirsty

        I think she means the necklace is not a psd

  • conin_koeln

    not to mention the position of her knees ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/atagong Felix Atagong

    Yeah, and then that horizontal black bar covering her breasts, it seems like its just hovering in mid-air!

  • Silvyah

    Her hips look awful. From what I can see, she was already a very beautiful model, so why the hell did they distort her so much? =(
    Her neck and shoulders freak me out. An arm doesn’t bend that way, Your collarbone should move up, not stay straight.

  • SL

    The hula-loop is not the main concern. There are many tricks with hula-loop. YouTube it. There’s a chick that makes amazing moves with hula-loop. REGARDLESS, instead of the hula-loop, pay attention to the left armpit. That’s more of a disaster. =)

  • chromalendri

    I think what happened here was that they wanted a pose with one hand up over her head and one hand on the hips but that pose always distorts the breasts, making one stretch smaller as the arm goes up and the other stays full, so instead they used a pic where her breasts/shoulders are evenly spaced then pasted on the right arm/head they wanted.