LA Lakers: Kobe on the Court

Kobe Bryant’s so smooth on the court, the other players just seem to disappear.

Photoshop Disaster

The sport features seven-foot-tall supermen who spend half the game airborne, and you can’t show the players standing realistically? The next NBA lockout needs to address the league’s failing Photoshop team.

Thanks Carla. You can see the original Record website.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Steve Nash’s right shoulder! It looks like it belongs on a cheap, plastic doll that’s been shattered.

  • SL

    Some black hole sucked part of his arm?!?

  • Dawn Casey

    Not a PSD. If you look lower, you can clearly see a bit of the rest of his arm. He may be picking a wedgie, sure, but his arm actually is there behind him. The angle is just bad.

  • Guest

    Yeah, Nash’s arm and shoulder are the most egregious PSDs here, but the whole thing seems to be a bad PSD collage.

    Take a look at the right side of Kobe’s uniform. There should be a white stripe between the yellow and the blue, but there’s not. There are, however, some misplaced bits and pieces of white. Is the blue panel actually copypasted from somewhere else?

    • Bryce Bladon

      I think the right side of Kobe’s uniform is just a funny fold.

  • Lance

    Apparently they never heard that Nash is a few inches shorter than Kobe, but it is not like every players height is an easily available stat, oh wait.