All Saints: Little Lady

The demand for child-like proportions from model is getting ridiculous. And strangely specific.

Photoshop Disasters

Usually you hear about a girl who’s all legs, so it’s nice to see some diversity. That said, having knees that are only four times the size of your thumbs raises some serious concerns.

Photoshop Disasters

Thanks Carla. You can see the original on the All Saints site (pic 3 & 5).

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  • Andulamb

    I’m surprised you didn’t complain about her legs being different sizes in 7. Seriously, a lot of the “disasters” on this site come from not knowing how photography works — that is, in not understanding that not all photos are taking from 30 feet away with a telephoto lens. Wide angle lenses tend to funk up proportions. (For instance: wide angle lens, photo taken from head height — makes the head big and the legs small.) You also need to use some logic. These photos are from a website that sells clothes. There are tons of photos and they just don’t have the time to Photoshop the hell out of each one. Click on 6 to zoom in, and look at her legs. Her skin has texture, blemishes, veins. I’m sure they’re adjusting color and contrast in post, but not much else. They don’t have the time. So if her knees look weird in one photo, that’s simply a result of how the photo was taken. You have to stop expecting every photo to be completely true-to-life. These aren’t crime scene photos.

    • Miguel Farah

      Yeah, sure, but there’s just no excuse to do a studio photo shoot with a wide-angle lens. Hell, even a cheap, ubiquitous 50mm lens would have produced better results than this two pictures (and no need to photoshop the proportions in the first place).

      • Silvyah

        I agree with Miguel. What is the point of photographing models if the pictures are not of any use? Also from the rest of the body (and photo’s) you can notice clearly they did not use a wide angle and second they did put time into photoshopping.

  • Pete Farmer

    The bigger Photoshop challenge would be to remove this girl’s snarl.

    • Bryce Bladon

      Let me know when you figure out how to stop women from snarling at you. I could use this information.

  • Kenn Requa

    As a smaller person in his 20s I approve this form of photoshop

  • Bev

    She is probably an awesome horseback rider.