Mauro Corona: World’s Worst Relay Team

Old Macdonald’s relay team did surprisingly well at the Olympics, but Black Beauty tarnished their record after being caught using horse hormones.

Photoshop Disasters

The Italian title translates to “twenty happy short stories and a sad one.” That’s probably not a perfect translation, but in my defence,  I was distracted by an old man sprinting next to a sheep, a cat, and a pig in a field. You may have noticed them. I can only assume this is an out-of-context picture of one of the happy stories, because there aren’t a lot of reasons to be running in accompanied by barnyard animals short of a Disney song sequence or a particularly strong hit of acid.

Thanks Scureza for the find.

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  • stella

    I don’t think being chased by zombies would be considered a happy story.

  • Guest


  • Zio

    It is actually not that bad…, I like the old school look it has.

    • B Bladon

      I’m not arguing it isn’t awesome. I’m looking to get the original turned into a print for my office. Way more inspiring than any cat hanging from a telephone line.

  • SL

    It isn’t bad. I think the old man is the sad story… Just kidding! He will live happily ever after.

  • anna

    Its not bad, I guess its not supposed to look realistic, probably the book is a collection of funny stories so the cover fits it..

  • gabbous

    I agree with comments below.
    I know that “mountain man” (really, I live about 10km far from the author), if you search him on youtube you will totally approve that cover :))

  • Ngan Tengyuen

    old mcdonald had a farm…