Photoshop Quiz: Marie Claire: Is that you Jessica?

This week we got a tip from CeleBitchy featuring Jessica Chastian from The Help on the cover of Marie Claire. Is this cover a case of bad photography or did Marie Claire take things a little too far with the Photoshop?

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  • intelcurio

    The head looks totally out of proportion with the rest of the body, photoshop disaster for sure !

  • Ben

    She’s been airbrushed to hell and back, but apart from that, I can’t see anything wrong – the style of the dress gives a misleading impression about her body.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I’d offer my support in this theory, but (a lot) of women tell me I know next to nothing about the female body. Not sure how much my support is worth.

  • Silvyah

    The longer I look at it, the more it gets out of proportion. She looks like it’s three photo’s stuck together. Her head is too big, her torso is a whole different position that doesn’t fit her bottom.

  • teleromeo

    M.C. Esher ia alive.

  • dodoshoppe

    she has a right arm-and-dress pastie. or, her arm is broken

  • Michelle

    Looks like maybe she had a bit of a “tummy” so they flattened her out and that’s why her stomach and right arm look funny where they meet.

  • Hamanam Flap

    Why is her mouth wider than her neck?

  • Dawn Casey

    I think it’s a terrible angle and a horrible dress. Her head looks too big, but again, that may be the horrible dress.

  • ab

    They removed all the freckles from her face, lines and wrinkles around both corners of her eyes, lines from around her mouth, wrinkles in her neck, wrinkles under her arm. They probably enlarged her breasts and smoothed out her clothing.

  • SL

    I agree with Silvyah. The longer I look the more it looks out of proportion. The head looks too big and the neck and chest looks off for the right shoulder to sit like so and the left… shoulder… argh.. I can’t look anymore. I got a headache now. If it’s an illusion from the dress then.. wow…

  • JStass

    I couldn’t vote… I couldn’t stop staring at the hideousness of that dress, photoshopped or not…

    • Bev

      AKA: Lollipop Syndrome. So tragic!

  • thebewilderness

    Gynormous head syndrome. A magazine cover shot tradition.

  • James Dominguez

    I actually think she’s just in an awkward pose wearing an ugly dress, and not pasted together in any serious way. That said, her skin has been smoothed out so much she barely looks human any more.

  • joe

    The head/ face was “placed” on the body….the actual model/ woman is probably looking in front…….and she is not facing to her left…the hair on her back n her neck dont look authentic, they looked very weird…

  • Kevin Bhasi

    Look! Her shoulders are displaced, to far to the front of the body and her breasts look too two-dimensional.

  • Wilbur Wyrt

    They’ve ruined her gorgeous face… D: