Quebec: Two and a quarter kids

The province of Quebec claims that they want to support families, but what are they doing to help little Susie with her teleporting foot?

Photoshop Disasters

Photos of families that playfully pile on top of each other always confuse me – mostly because my dad had a strict ‘no touching’ and ‘no eye contact’ rule – but my friends assure me that only in the most extreme circumstances does a limb become detached and lost in the tangle. I hope the accountants behind the budget are a bit more eagle-eyed in their review of the budget.

Thanks Sylvain.

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  • bbwd

    It’s a stock image & you can see in the original that there’s no PSD

    • Beverly Jenkins

      I don’t get it. Her foot is in the wrong place in that image too. o_O

    • Shannon

      Are you not seeing the PSD? Because it definitely is in the stock photo as well.

    • Skeptic

      OK, so please tell me – that foot on the left, who does it belong to in this family?

      Mom is wearing white sneakers, boy is wearing blue sneakers. We can see the gray heel of dad’s shoe. The only candidate is the little girl, but she is sitting at the top right. How did her foot get there?

      No PSD, my foot. :-)

      • stella

        The foot doesn’t belong to the little girl sitting on the top – the feet shown are too small and that girl’s feet are hidden behind the rest of the family, This couple has three children – two girls and a boy. Poor litttle Susie. Mom is one of those “smothering” types.

    • SL

      You do understand stock images are also Photoshopped, right?

  • richardginn

    I see the leg, BUTTT I also see the messedup arm as well right???

  • SL

    Poor little kid… I feel bad for his leg.

  • JayJayGirl

    Is it just me or does the boy and the girl’s faces look swapped? The boy has a rather…girlish…face.

    • Greenhatter

      This boy is a f*ckin´c*nt, I agree a lot! But the mothers shoulder is a pork hock, which tastes better! Though… RATHER!

  • Greenhatter

    French Quater is diff!!! even if it´s hispaninc.

  • saiket

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