Rotary International: So Close

Jackie Chan has bent a lot of limbs in a lot of directions over his career.

Photoshop Disasters

When the disease you’re trying to stop can lead to deformities, you should probably make sure your spokesperson has all their parts in the right place. They were this close to creating an effective ad too.

Thanks Arran for the great find. You can see the original on the Jackie Chan Facebook page.

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  • Kapuhi

    What’s wrong with this? I can do it.. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it..

  • What

    Did you link to the Joe McNally post because this one also has nothing wrong with it?

  • Mania

    Ignore the fingers. How did his arm get there?

  • Nysha

    I thought charities were exempt from being shamed on PsD – they always have been in the past.

  • Ben

    Erm… four fingers, thumb, easily reproducible pose – what’s the disaster?

  • Silvyah

    Huge thumb especially compared to the forefinger which seems completely cut off the hand.

  • Oisin Conolly

    lol the arm does seem a little….disconnected.
    It may have been a composite of two shots, though it could also be just a weird looking photo.

    I’m undecided.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I can see no way that, with a body turned to the 3/4 perspective, could the far arm rise straight up like that. Actually, let me test that theory.

      • Bryce Bladon

        BRB, have to go to the hospital now.

  • stella

    I can assume this position, so why ses it look weird – Is it that his middle and ring fingers look to be connected at the second knuckle (second from the tip) -Or maybe it is that weird growth coming out of the back of his hand – behind his pinkie knuckle?

    • stella

      ses = does (got to stop trying to type with my nose)

  • Oriol Font

    The arm it’s been put in the middle to get a narrower picture, and index finger has been shortened to fit in the sentence. Is that a psd? maybe not, but its awful

  • la la la la

    But guys, this is Jackie Chan. He can bend any of his body parts in any impossible direction anyway. If it’s not him, this could be a PSD.

  • Bev

    Hey Jackie, how big is your…? Never mind, never mind.

  • SL

    It should say “We are this close to readjust my arm”.

  • blahdiblah

    And nobody’s seemed to notice yet that he’s also wearing a lady’s shirt, which is a dead giveaway for a horizontal flip.

  • VBB

    That is one old photo. He looks nothing like that now.

  • Jugstopper

    Special, detachable ninja arm.

  • calbff

    Still no idea what’s wrong with this. I can do this pose easily.