Russian Pointe: Missing the Point

This pose is more impressive when you realize the ballerina only has one leg.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m not sure if it’s the single shadow, the dimension-breaking backdrop, or the somewhat questionable nature of this pose, but I think this ad misses the grace and beauty ballet is known for. Also, it looks like the dancer lost her right hand in her tutu. Happens to the best of us.

Thanks Anonymous.

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  • Bev

    Zero comments? Where’s the love for this one-legged Ballerina? 😉

  • richardginn

    I say she still has all of her right hand behind the tutu. We are just having a new wave of one legged ballerinas..

  • bevobid

    Did anyone think the shape of her breast/chest was odd? Now, I know that “most” ballerinas have no body fat to speak of, and accordingly, undeveloped breasts but her chest is protruding in an odd manner. Could that be her rib cage? It just looks odd.

    • Greenhatter

      Uuuh, I know what you think, her right leg somehow slipped into her torso… might be a tiny (leg) one!

    • junio

      If you pretend her body actually is a male body, it doesn’t look that weird. She just has no breast whatsoever.

    • Bryce Bladon

      I think I see what you mean. Her ribs and chest are really obtuse; I feel like there should be a dip in her back.

  • likalaruku

    I’d lend you a hand, but it will cost you a leg.