Star: Pancake face

It figures the child of an unnatural union would have a lot of unnatural features on or around her face.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s always fun to guess which features children inherit from their parents. Suri seems to have Katie’s overly smoothed skin and eerie expression, but she definitely got her height from Daddy Cruise.

Thanks Wideborx for the find.

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  • Waldobaby

    Define “disaster”.

  • Dawn Casey

    I don’t see what’s wrong with this cover. All little kids have smooth skin, that’s why older women get botox and peels and face lifts….to look young. And Katie could be kneeling or Suri could be standing on something.

  • daniel hubner

    I would suggest the problem is that the two subjects have been stiched together . The skin tone highlights would suggest this i feel.

  • Beverly L. Jenkins

    They clearly had to ‘shop out Suri’s alien gills and tentacles.