WeightWatchers: Losing Weight with Photoshop

WeightWatchers calls it helping hands. I call it clever use of the crop tool.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s actually fairly effective ad until you notice the thin forearms and suspiciously petite proportions of the model’s head. It doesn’t help that the “fat” looks like pancake batter that just hangs there.

Thanks Nicholas. You can see the original on Weight Watchers ad on Ads Of the World

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  • http://snowrollersden.blogspot.com Nicewriter

    That head!?

  • jdm8

    That’s pretty trippy. If you told me that both photos are total lies, I wouldn’t argue against that.

  • barbara

    It was obviously a thin woman altered to look fat…fuller figured gals don’t have space between their thighs.

  • Crazy M

    Somethings off. I don’t think her head should be the exact same in both pics. Also, if it was real how would they get her to pose teh same in the before and after pics? Both pics just might be fake.

    • jdb

      But this is not two pics, just one ad – the picture on the left is the ad in it’s initial state, then as the tabs are torn off the image on the right is revealed and the woman “loses” weight. The “fat” body many not be perfect, but this isn’t a photoshop disaster, it’s a novel approach to print advertising.

      • blue

        Exactly! It’s not supposed to be a real before-after picture. It’s actually a pretty cool idea. The fat was added so it could be torn off with the tabs. Definitely no disaster (well ok, the fat looks a bit unnatural..)

  • Skeptic

    The good old weight-loss lie: “You will lose inches around your waist and thighs and the flab under your arms – but your face will look exactly the same”. It then turns out that losing all that weight causes your face to become a wrinkly bunch of bags.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ariel-Alejandro-Castro-Olguin/100000767641055 Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin

    I think the concept of the desing is cool. it this was actually cut to fit in a actual printed version. that would bee cool conceptually. you know like the transparent system of the down CD cover that says “Steal me”

  • http://twitter.com/richardginn richardginn

    PSD or NO PSD this is just a great print ad no what.

    • https://twitter.com/BryceBladon Bryce Bladon

      Absolute agreement here.

  • http://twitter.com/palelnan Pål Elnan

    Look, it’s the same arm twice, just flipped on one side!

  • Ashley

    This is not a PSD. It’s a campaign, very creative, btw.