Bill Maher: Not So Real Time

The biggest problem with political pundits is how two-dimensional everything is to them.

It turns out there is something more awkward than a white guy in a lei, and this ad is it. Even acid-washed and inconsistently-proportioned luau girls can’t save this disaster from being the butt of its own joke.

Thanks Daniel.

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  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    Oh come on! They can’t do something as simple as color balance.

  • MakahaMan

    This is even funnier do to the fact it is for a Hawaiian cultural center and the Houli guy is wearing a fake lei. Typical! BTW, they are Hula vice Luau dancers. Mahalo.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Los Angeles, Bill Maher is firing his publicist.