Camaïeu: Take a Stand

Sometimes, you can tell a lady is a little off-balance just by looking at her.

Amputee fashion is a niche market that has only recently been tapped by a few other companies. Still, you have to respect that model’s self-assured walk, especially when she doesn’t have much to walk with.

Thanks Chris for the find. You can see the original on the Camaïeu Facebook page.

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  • Tofu

    Not to mention the madness going on at her waist… especially the left side. I can’t tell what’s happening.

    • Our James

      I noticed that, too. Very strange.

      • Karlo Redo

        I noticed that, too.

  • Pete Farmer

    This one had me stumped.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Very strange treatment of the feet and ankles. It looks lke the flesh and bones were removed, but the socks left intact and allowed to puddle on the floor. Makes my head feel oddly out of kilter.

  • jdm8

    “I want you to fit this image into the ad, and no, I don’t want you to scale the image down.”

  • Jugstopper

    She and Cotton Hill would get along nicely!

  • herculesmoore

    What’s going on under her shirt and above the shorts??? Combined with the lack of feet and wierd grin on her face this is just creepy.

  • Trevortni

    So the person that picked out her shoes was told “greenscreen” instead of “bluescreen”. *Yawn* No PSD here, though it looks like this is a good start for a Greenscreen Disasters sister site.