Evonik: Take Time to Reflect

Ships have had mermaids on their bow for ages, but it’s only with modern technology that we can make them appear unrealistically.

Photoshop Disasters

If your company is drawing calling themselves “creative surface specialists,” you may want to double-check that those surfaces reflect quality control. Speaking of poor ad practice, does it seem like this ad is trying too hard? Do you really love my problems, or are you just trying to make me open up so you can see my mermaid goodies?

Thanks T.

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  • Dissatisfied

    In what way is this a disaster? For not using an actual mermaid and her REAL reflection?! Nobody in a million years – apart from the people running this site – would see an ad with a mermaid’s reflection and think, “Oh, oh, fake!” Nobody would expect it to look real. What the hell has happened with this site?

    • capnjelly

      I agree, it’s totally gone to hell lately.

      • Tim!

        I think it’s because she’s looking down but her reflection is looking up.

    • Waldobaby

      Although I agree that one should not expect a mermaid concept to subscribe too hard to reality, I gotta defend these guys and say that a job, even one invoking fantasy and non-Euclidean physics, should not be sloppy. There is a HUGE difference between having fun and demonstrating that you don’t (or can’t) give a spit.

    • http://twitter.com/Ultra_orange Dan Rezaiekhaligh

      Dude its just stupid shit. I love when the amateurs come out and start talking about how the body isn’t right in some of these photos when I can recreate many with out much effort in camera. What’s killing this site is the deluge of things that aren’t psd’s but at times shoddy or misunderstood touch up.

      In this case you have a fantasy subject, a reflection that is just a meta form for the quality of the product and people are up in arms.

      • Greenhatter

        That is so damn right dude, but I wouldn´t be sad if this wrong-interpreted,
        call them pros, got sucked into some hole of the submarine (maybe the one behind the meremaids ass), where they can be unified, and hopefully sink to the bottom of the ocean, anytime, (and don´t dive up anymore, stay there for a long time) would I? So as not to be gratefully.

  • intelcurio

    ok, here we go another PSD that I can’t see, someone please tell me what I am missing

    • Tony Stubblefield

      The fact that the mermaid is perfectly reflected on the dull/matte hull of the ship maybe?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002478681658 Sean Millon

        The fact that the reflection is implied due to the effect of the company’s product? Fabulous product claims? Hyped marketing? That’s not new.

  • jeff

    so… an artist’s drawing is unrealistic? ok. time to finally remove PSD from my RSS feed.

  • OurJames

    Wouldn’t her reflection be curved because of the curved surface? And when is this part of a ship so shiny it actually reflects? But I agree with the others who say this is not a PSD. It’s not an attempt at creating a realistic image which goes horribly wrong in some way, it’s an attempt at a fantasy image. I don’t think it’s very well done, but it’s a creative disaster, not a PSD.

  • HJD

    No disaster. They’re advertising “permanently clean surfaces”. Maybe the hull is supposed to be so clean, it’s a mermaid mirror?

    • Skeptic

      …yes, of course, that’s the point. It’s so clean mermaids use it for a mirror. The only problem… well, there are several. The surface doesn’t reflect anything but the mermaid, for one. It doesn’t look reflective. The mermaid is looking down but her reflection up. The waist line of the scaly part goes downwards toward her front, but doesn’t do that on the reflection. And so on and so forth.

  • Ithinkitspsd

    OK – lets just forget for a moment that mermaids don’t exist and look at it like an actual image: The right arm is at the side, the waistline (at the right) is goint downwards and her “behind” is turned towards the left (in “real”). The arm is in the front (and the ellbow much deeper), the waistline is going upwards and her butt ist turnes towards the right (in the mirror image). The fact that the finn is much closer to the body in the reflection might be due to the 3D/2D setting but all in all (and especially if you look at her face) – it seems to be a total different person in the “mirror”

    • agree

      plus the left shoulder is turned towards the mirror so in the mirror the right shoulder should be closer to the front but ist itsnt.

      • Pedro Hin

        wull, maybe the reflection on the ship is her reflection bouncing off of another mirror off to the right somewhere. it could happen. i see no PSD here

    • Keith

      You can nitpick the position of the mermaid’s torso and head/arms, but what’s the point? It’s an artist’s drawing. It’s not supposed to be mistaken for reality. It’s only a few steps removed from a painting, which nobody expects to be perfect.

      This site is good when it’s picking out the flaws in images that are supposed to be real. Because then you’re basically pointing out the lies that Photoshop is used to create. If there’s no inherent lie, IT’S NOT A PSD!!!

      • Kirsty

        I would expect a realistic painting to be accurate.

        (saying that, I can’t actually see the problem here)

        • Kirsty

          actually, looking again, I can see some problems

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002478681658 Sean Millon

      That you felt you had to dismiss the unreality of mermaids not existing…as if it were a wholly separate issue…

  • http://twitter.com/Ultra_orange Dan Rezaiekhaligh

    Yeah? So an ad including a mermaid and you want to pick at the reflection? Think it’s a good ad it communicates the concept well. Sure it could have been better but if you were to tell someone it was clean enough to see my own reflection people get the concept.

  • Nickele

    I disagree with the complainers: this is a PsD because the mirror image is completely wrong. It would be the same if they had put a pink elephant in the mirror image. And in “Photoshop disasters”, nothing says the subject has to be real.
    What the hell has happened to the people’s comments on this website? Wait nothing has changed. Instead of just stating their opinion, many feel they need to put down the makers of this site. As someone else wrote: make your own. If you are not satisfied with a restaurant you go eat somewhere else, so if you’re “dissatisfied” with psd, check other sites.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002478681658 Sean Millon

    The submitter is trying hard with this one.

  • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

    Meh, I thought her left arm was missing. Maybe we can all politely agree to disagree without starting the whole “this site sucks” thing. Just a thought. 😉