Gucci: Explore the Digital Disaster

If you’re going to slather your model in flamingo-pink, try to avoid giving her the legs of one too.

Photoshop Disasters

Women keep a lot of things in their purses, but their hips aren’t one of them. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on women’s hips (having spent little to no time near them) but even I know that they tend to be somehow connected to an actual woman. One day, I hope to confirm this.

Thanks Nigel. The original was found in American Express Departures magazine.  What do you think might have happened here?

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  • Manfred Mueller

    Hm, she might be sitting on something and the lower leg is intended to be a reflection.

    • Sgrodem

      if it were a reflection the seam running down the middle of her pants wouldn’t be positioned down the middle of her pants in the reflection, that would indicate a top reflection, but if a mirror or car you were sitting on the reflection would be the side of her leg, which has no seam.

  • greennotGreen

    Here’s what I think happened: the model *is* sitting which naturally flattened her thighs making them look too fat (aka “normal”,) so the AD said make ’em skinny, and now they look less attached to her body.

    • B Bladon

      I think this is the best explanation yet.

    • Nick

      Joan really is this skinny, she dosent need to be retushed to make the legs look like this.

  • Snowstorm

    She’s just leaning to her right a lot.

  • Picky

    She is sitting at an angle and all you can see is her left leg–the one that looks semi-normal on the left side of the picture. If you cover the bottom of the picture below the bag, it looks fine. For reasons unknown, they decided to add another leg and set it to protrude from underneath her bag in a random location.

    • richardginn

      If this lady does have a third leg I am having a hard time where the TWO real legs are.

      Does she even have TWO FULL real legs??? Is she an amputee model???

      • Sgrodem

        She has two legs. We are looking at her from the side. Her right leg is blocked by her left leg (the one we see away from the white thing she’s sitting on). They added a leg due to her missing right leg, because they are idiots. Her body looks weird because like walmart photo studio they make you sit facing straight, but make you turn your upper body.

        • Nick

          We arent seeing her from the side you can see the left side of her hipps so obviously its not a full profile where her legg is hidden.

  • richardginn

    Well posters this PS disaster of Joan Smalls has made the rounds at a few websites…

    Yes I can be convinced that her hips have been moved a few inches…

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Come on you guys! Step away from the computer once in a while and go look at some real females (Remember not to drool).

  • Radioactive Lobster

    What about the woman in the back right that appears to be part giraffe?

    • Harvey Isa

      lol…good call!

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Haha, I didn’t notice her either! Too funny.

  • Sean Millon

    I just don’t see it. If anything it looks like she’s sitting uncomfortably with a buttcheek planted on the table.

  • jess

    I think the way she is positioned might be real. I think the photoshopping carelessness came when they had to do something about the little awkward creasing and crotch area that was exposed. Where her crotch should be is where the shadows get a little inconsistent, and it looks like the lower leg was slimmed down a bit while they were at it. My guess is they just extended that upper leg all the way underneath the bag to remove the area entirely, making her posture seem unnatural.

  • Tooshort

    Personally, it looks like she is leaning with her leg extended down keeping her up. It looks unnatural but how can you say she “sprouted and extra limb” when there isnt three legs, it just looks unnatural.

  • Elizabeth Jaggers

    ….I still don’t see that it looks that strange. I had to read the description.

  • Bradford Shackleford Ford

    Clearly she is being kneed in her left hip by the Pink Panther.

  • love politics

    90% of them have skiny legs, you only see it now ? have you being blind all this while?
    You never see their chopstick before! You got to be gay ofcourse

  • zircon

    Ever think that this was done inteninally … you know, get you guys to see it and then get it plastered all over the internet. It’s a little like those subliminal messages that are quite often in ads.

  • AnneMarie La Porte

    IMO That “second leg” looks more like the reflection of her arm on the table.

  • BNear

    The writer exclaims; “I’m no expert (having spent little to no time near them)…”
    What the heck is this all about??

  • AethiopicPecan

    Did anyone notice the reptilian model’s arm on the left!

  • Nick

    She dosent have an extra leg we are not seeing her from the side, she is leaning back half sitting down. Thats her left and right leg, no third leg is beeing hidden from this angle. Like previous user said they have just lushe the croch area a bit to make it hidden by the bag.