InStyle: Gwyneth Paltrow: InThailand

Refresh your look with InStyles tips and get perfect melted-plastic skin!

This is easily the biggest Paltrow-related travesty since 1998’s Hush. Even appreciating models in this day and age perpetuate an unrealistic body type, this issue of InStyle perpetuates the kind that comes out of a tanning booth, a sandblaster, and a lot of Vaseline on the lens.

Thanks Ellis for the great find!

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  • Jenni

    She looks like a cross between Blake Lively and Jessica Biel! I didn’t even recognize her!

  • MisterUnderhill

    Pretty sure they used bits of Blake Lively and Cate Blanchett to create this Frankenface.

  • JStass


  • SerialCloneToolAbuser

    Parliamentary photoshop…

    The eye’s to the right, the nose to the left.

  • Nangleator

    The lady that ‘restored’ the Jesus face is getting slightly better.

  • juststoppingby

    what about the fact that 7 print pants is in English…

  • Greenhatter

    Thai Paltrows have to taste different thatj isj for surj! And I´d rather
    go for a shoulder than a leg, even if they look the same, if I was a thai (disgusting beasterd)!

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I didn’t think it was possible for Gwyneth to look more fake than she already does. I was wrong.